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Chocolate, Wine & Spirits Expo

When you think about the word “expo," generally things that come to mind are exposition, exhibit of a large scale, not the case for Sunday, April 22 in Chicago’s Plumber’s Hall. There were a total of 32 vendors there. Eight or less had sweets (I am counting toffee and caramels in this number).

The vendors that were there were good but they seemed disappointed as well. There were no presentations or speakers as promoted before the expo and on-site. All sampling of wine and spirits were extra after an entrance fee of $35.00. It opened at 11 am with disorganization at the front of where to get tickets if you had not pre-purchase, cash only was accepted for entrance. It was one area of the Plumber’s Hall, not the full facility. If you want to see these vendors attend the Randolph Market where most if not all of them are in attendance.

Definitely not worth the time or money for an expo on Chocolate, Wine & Spirits, they did attempt to add Coffee and Tea to the event but still lack of vendor participation by 1:30 pm some vendors were already packing up to leave.

I would recommend the caramels by Sweet Nouveau, the owner is local to Chicago but has a website that offers a variety of flavors.

The only two vendors of chocolate that is worth mentioning are Malagos and baracacaochocolat both offer unique finishes. Barcacaochocolate has a fabulous passion fruit bar and a spiced dark chocolate. Check out more of their offerings at Malagos as a true dark drinking chocolate in a perfect size packaging for home.

It is an annual event that I would skip and check out the local chocolatiers throughout the Chicagoland area. This event wasn’t a “chocolate, artisan food and beverage tasting wonderland.”

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