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Relaunch of Welcome to My Adventures with Cacao/Chocolate

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Hi, I am Sarah and I have always loved cacao (chocolate). Different flavors, styles, ingredients, etc. I personally prefer dark chocolate, but am always willing to give other chocolates a try.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been on the hunt for the best chocolate

I could find. I am not sure when I officially started “sharing” my love of cacao, but three years ago I started this site in a very small way for family and friends, but it has really grown due to all of you chocolate lovers!

Yes, I am driven to find and share those adventures with cacao from day to day finds around Chicago where I currently live to anywhere in the world, on the search for the unique, unusual and the best in chocolate. Some of those adventures can be finding a delicious dessert, discovering a new chocolatier, attending a new chocolate event, locating a true chocolate destination, or simply creating and sharing a new chocolate dessert with friends or family.

This site is dedicated to sharing chocolate from around the world….. whether it is a place, flavor, style or a moment. Sign up today and you will receive a monthly newsletter that will share some of those places to try, events to check out in the future, or recipes to try for your own chocolate moment.

The world of "chocolate" or "cacao" is something that all of us can enjoy! From a little piece on those days that can be stressful to a special treat just for you.

Thank you,


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