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Why we eating paczkis on Fat Tuesday?

It has been a tradition started by Catholics to celebrate on Fat Tuesday before the Lenten season begins. The paczkis are a speciality pastry specifically created and eaten for this season.

The paczki is not a donut and individuals get very defense not to compare the two. Personally the paczki appears to have a “lighter” dough that is sweet as well covered in powdered sugar and filled on the inside. After that you hear and see a variety of flavors offered for this special occasion.

Here are the summary that I have seen the most often.

Fat Tuesday - flavors include the pastry to be filled with an apple filling, apricot filling, rich Bavarian cream filling and custard filling.

Carnival - flavors include the pastry to be filled with a cherry filling, lemon filling, raspberry filling and cream filling.

And there are variations out that are the rich Bavarian cream that is chocolate flavored and that is my favorite.

This is a great pastry and dessert as there are flavors for everyone’s preferences. Note, I have not seen a gluten free paczki yet, but I am sure someone has created it.

Enjoy the season and these speciality desserts.

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